Redirect Your Attention to SassClass

I am moving right along with transferring to this domain.

In fact, if you attempt to go to, you will automatically be redirected to

One thing that I am definitely glad to get done is the move of ProjectWonderful.

I was worried that my current clients ads wouldn’t get shown as well as my losing out on money in my pocket.

But, it was a very smooth move!

I did do some tweaking on the placement of my five ProjectWonderful ads, making the top header bigger and putting the old top header at the bottom of every post.

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I almost forgot to import the pages until I took a glance at my Page Bar and noticed only two, Home and About.

And the About page was the one that it automatically generated by WordPress.

I still need to fix all of the banners so that they are tagged SassClass but, eh, they will still get you here, and I’m tired.

And I still have to do some posts on my poor, neglected blog,

I work sooooooo hard!

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