Prime Day was a Prime Fail

Amazon Prime Day FailPrime Day was a Prime Fail

Amazon hosted its First Annual Prime Day as a thank you for shoppers who take advantage of Amazon Prime Membership and to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday.

The advertisements tooted it as going to be better than Black Friday deals.

It was to be Black Friday in July.

Instead, it was a prime failure.

Usually, Amazon is the place to go to find the best online deals.

And Black Friday sales are on products that you want at the deepest discounts of the year.

So, the thought of combining the two had many a’customer revving up their debit and credit cards for a shopping spree of epic proportions.

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Only to be disappointed in the selection.

And they took to social media to let their thoughts be known.


In fact, the only thing that Amazon got right about the Black Friday sales was the part the customers wish that they hadn’t: Not enough of the good stuff! And customers on the West Coast were especially screwed as all of the sales went up on East Coast time and anything that they did want was sold-out by Pacific Standard Time. Despite customer criticisms, it is being reported that sales were up 80%. But did anybody quantify customer confidence or satisfaction. I know Amazon knocked itself down a few pegs in my eyes with those uber failure of a sale. However, I do admit to shopping on Amazon yesterday. Not for the sale, mind you, but because my iPad 3 charger decided to die on me yesterday and I needed to order a new one.

Personally, I think Amazon would have been better off just giving its Prime members a blanket percentage off of all advertised prices for the full 24 hours.

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Did you get anything good on Amazon Prime Day? Or did you hit Walmart and price match?


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