Parent in deed

Just a bit of venting today.

Hey, its my blog after all.

And life isn’t just a bunch of fluffy kittens and rainbows.

I’m just feeling blah about parenting and what it really means.

You see, in my life, I have a parent that wants the accolades without many any of the responsibilities.

And, really, it has been like that for the bulk of my life.

I know there are as many parenting styles as there are women taking up the mantle of “mom”.

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And I could have had it worse.

I could have been neglected.



I could have been made to feel as if I wasn’t worth the labor it took to bring me into this world.

Intellectually, I know all of that.

Emotionally, though…

Emotionally, I wanted…I want…more.

Yes, even at the ripe old of age of almost 36 (birthday is July 11. Feel free to get me a present!).

And I want more for my children from their grandparent.

Being a real parent takes a lot of thought and action.

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I want a parent in deed.

So that I may have a parent, indeed.

~End Vent~

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