Well-known companies that hire work from home

It has only lately that the thought of working from home has become mainstream.

Yet, for others, the inherent risk of working from an unknown entity keeps it taboo.

For those for whom this is true, there are some really well-known companies that hire for telecommuting positions.

I am compiling a list here and will update as I come across them.





Carnival Cruise Lines

Double Tree Hotel


Kelly Services



Pizza Hut



Walt Disney World Resort

Coming Soon:

Neiman Marcus

Let me know of any other name brand companies that allow telecommuting and I’ll be sure to do the research.


I love these kitty panties

10462583_823412744343030_9138754950914406729_nIt was love at first sight for me and these panties when I spotted them on Facebook.

I mean, come on, one of my favorite sayings when I accidentally flash someone is that I hope that they enjoy the show.

And who wouldn’t get a kick or at least a side eye out of these panties.
I searched for these cat panties on Amazon but, although I didn’t find them, I did find some…er…other interesting things.

But still, mama wants these panties if anyone knows where I can find them.


Is that chick still texting your man?

10437337_781927531839395_1894007129364898848_nOk, so you are in love….

He is your one and only.

But are you his?

What if that chick is still texting or calling  your man?

Is she in love with him too?

Is she trying to play games?

Or is he the one playing games?

One in your pocket, one in the socket, and one in the palm of your hand.

That’s how players play.

What do you think if another woman is constantly calling or texting your man?

How do you feel about?

Or, better yet, what do you do about it?


I am kinda iffy on the Amazon Fire Cell phone

I was busily linking products on my blog to the appropriate Amazon product when I saw the advertisement for the Amazon Fire phone.

In both curiosity, and I admit, a tinge of excitement, I clicked over and took a looksy.

Reading the product description, although the cloak it in how the features will benefit the consumer,  I read into the description that the phone will be constantly pushing Amazon products.

Which could be quite annoying.

I can’t say for sure being as I have yet to lay my hands on the phone personally.

“peek to see detailed views of clothing, shoes, and more in the new Amazon Shopping app for Fire phone”

“Quickly identify printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, plus over 100 million items, including movies, TV episodes, songs, and products—simply press and hold the dedicated Firefly button to discover useful information and take action in seconds.”

“For a limited time, Fire phone includes a full year of Prime.”

Ok, that Prime thing sounds pretty sweet!

But the phrases that show that this phone is primarily an Amazon marketing machine just keep going on and on and on….

Plus, a tie to AT&T for two years…I am definitely saying no thanks.

However, for some people, this phone will be a wet dream come true.

How many times have I wanted to take a photo of something and be able to purchase it immediately.

The cost of the phone is $199 with a service contract ($649 without).

And that is with 32 GB!!

The phone also comes in a 64 GB for $299 ($749 without contract).

The phone actually drops on July 25, 2014 but, in the way of Amazon, you can preorder the phone today.

Happy Birthday my son

Happy Birthday Khauri.


You’re 18 now.

Stage 2 is complete.

(Stage 1 being graduate high school and Stage 3 being dropping you off at William and Mary!)

Congratulations 2014 High School Graduates

Congratulations to all 2014 Graduates.

You did it!!


But, most especially, congratulations to my own two high school graduates.

I loved this graduation cake that I got them from Food Lion.


Glad I snapped a quick pick as soon as I brought it home because they tore into the thing.

I haven’t bought any sweets in a while.

Check out the before graduation picture.


And the after graduation pictures.

wpid-20140616_171124.jpgDespite his, admittedly true, statements about how hot is, I think somebody just wanted everybody to see his suit swagger.

My oldest son barely had any white space on his diploma and 4 chords and a stole around his neck.


Plus the breeze gave us just a tease of his sweet suit.

That’s two down, one to go for me.

Woot! Woot!!

Proud mama over here!!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the true Dads of the world.

But most especially Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave me three of the world’s most amazing offspring.


Work At Home Income Report May 2014

Alrighty, its that time of the month again.

Time to evaluate how I did financially this month.

These reports are actually helping keep me on the straight and narrow as I am lazy as can be and it helps to see my income in writing.

Plus, y’all can razz me unmercifully if I don’t at least maintain a certain level.

In fact, June has already seen an improvement…but you’ll have to wait till July 15th for me to prove it.

mTurk: $19.70

Swagbucks: $75

Leapforce: $74.02

Media Insiders: $25

Viggle: $0.00

Paidviewpoint: $17.15

Total: $210.87

Not bad for a slacker like myself.

Yet, like I said, I have already done way better than that in June and the month is only half way over.

Paidviewpoint is actually my favorite survey company now that I have verified that they do pay.

The surveys are usually less than 5 minutes and none of that stupid “prequalification” crap that other survey companies seem to want to put you through…even some of the ones on mTurk.

Now, because I consider couponing work, I am also going to add how much I saved this month with the online coupon programs.

Ibotta $7.00

SavingStar: $6.27

Total: 13.27  (not including coupons).

Anyone else have easy ways to earn or save money?

June 2014 Goals

I have been inspired by a couple of blogs that I read this week to set up monthly goals for myself.

And not just financial goals either but personal goals as well.

But the scary part of it all is that I am going to post all of the goals here and we’ll see how well I did this time next month.


Ok, let’s get started.

Money in goals:

1 hour/day Mturk

1 hour/day Swagbucks/Bing/Viggle

2 hours/day Leapforce

This should make my monthly guaranteed income $900/month.

Then I will spend 4 hours/day blogging.

Hopefully my work on blogging will cap my month off with $1000 income or more.

My blogging goals for the month of June are posted over on Amablogger.com.

Money out goals:

* Pay property taxes

* Pay for drivers license renewal

* Purchase graduation gifts for my 2 sons

* Get car inspected

* Start shopping for back-to-school

* Save money for my birthday in July

Health goals:

* 100 crunches every morning

* Drink 4 bottles of water/day

* 1 spoonful of coconut oil every day

* Eat sprinkle of flax seed every time I open the refrigerator

* Clean the papers off the couch

* Purchase dresses/hair/nails for two son’s graduation.

Yeah, I’m tired looking at this list already. Lol.

Luckily, I already have some of those things in my routine.

What are your goals for this month?


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