Orange is the New Black

 There are several reasons why I decided to give the new show Orange is the New Black, an original Netflix series,  a try.

  1. It is by the Weeds creator Jenji Kohan
  2. I wanted to see That ’70s show “Donna” (Laura Prepon) as a brunette (she looks good! I actually prefer it on her.)
  3. It is based on the true story and novel of Piper Kerman
    (never read it but being “based” on a true story gives it a few points of interest).
  4. It came out on my birthday (always a valid reason, right)

If you haven’t watched Orange is the New Black yet, it is basically a show about a white woman who tried lesbianism on for size and fell for a wanna-be queen pin.

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I am guessing that she is suppose to be the stereotypical white girl because she had a decent upbringing with decent parents, she is self-employed in a burgeoning niche business, and she has a nice (if economically unstable) finance.

So the writer’s decided to see what would happen if they threw a nice girl in jail with a bunch of blacks and hispanics.

So, if you are the racially sensitive type, avoid this show because they explore every stereotype imaginable in this show. ~yawn~

What started to catch my attention was the back stories of the heroine’s prison “friends”.

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The tranny who is in jail for stealing credit cards and now they are denying her estrogen because of “budget”.

The cook who just wanted to fit in with her husbands friends and when that failed, well, violence ensued.

The french lady who murdered the man who was sexually harassing her charges.

If it wasn’t for those backstories, I probably would have stopped watching after the third episode but now I have come to love the character of Piper just a little bit and so I continue.

Anyone else watching Orange is the New Black?

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