Operation William and Mary Sophomore Drop-off: Complete

Operation William and Mary Sophomore Drop-off is complete.

Thanks to my good friend Hycieth, we have completed another successful drop off to the College of William and Mary.

With my car being down and money being tight, I had no idea how I was going to get my son to William and Mary University to begin his sophomore year.

But I am happy to say that we have officially dropped that behind off on the William & Mary campus.

Prepare yourself for the worse, fussiest photos that your eyes have probably ever beheld.

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You know me and how I suck at photography so I know that you are so not surprised.

Welcome to his dorm room.

My son's William and Mary College dorm room

Those are closets on the right and the door to the jack-and-jill bathroom on the left.

I like the storage areas on top of the closets to throw suitcases or other things that you don’t use on a daily basis.

William and Mary College dorm room

I swear I did not make the photos of him fuzzy to hide his secret identity!

There also were not enough outlets to configure all of the devices that he needed to plug on.

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Television. Microwave. Laptop. Etc.

University of William and Mary dorm room

I wish that his bed would have been up on risers like last year.

It was so convenient to have the dresser and storage containers slid underneath the bed.

On a positive note, this year his whole dorm is air conditioned including have a built in unit in the dorm room itself.

Air conditioner in dorm room at william and mary university

My boy is growing up!

No more sharing of the hallway bathroom for him!

He only shares his bathroom with his room-mate (who apparently has dropped out) and the room next door.

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Bathroom in the dorm at william & mary

The bathroom boasts a private commode.

the college of william and mary

Double sinks.

william mary

A shower.

college of william & mary

His hall has its own lounge area.

college of william and mary

william and mary college

There is also laundry facilities on his floor.

william & mary universityuniversity of william and mary

He even has a volleyball net all set up in the back.

william and mary university

I am so proud of him for thriving at one of the top colleges in Virginia and even one of the top colleges in the USA.

william and mary tribe pride

I wish my son, students, faculty, and staff another successful year at William and Mary college and continued success to all students, young and old, who are going after more in this life.william & mary

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