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Ok, so I gave you as long as I possibly could to get your behinds over to the CW to watch the one of the few shows who has brung it for the season finale, Vampire Diaries (Damon, yum).

My friend, who had never watched Vampire Diaries beyond the very first episode was compelled to watch last Thursdays episode and boy was she sooo not disappointed because this was the absolute best episode to date. The episode was absolute perfection right down to the choice of haunting music during various scenes.

It begins simply enough with everyone getting ready for Founder’s Day.

There were tons of twists and a very exciting cliffhanger that made you moan for more. Of course, Damon amuses himself by teasing Stefan. “Its Founder’s Day. I’m here to eat cottan candy and steal your girl.” Of course Elena feels the flirtation as well. “I think you should stop with the flirty lil’ comments and the eye thing that you do. Don’t make me regret being your friend.” Put him in his place she did but damn, that eye thing is soooo sexy.

Jeremy is still pissed at Elena for having Damon erase his memories. Extremely pissed. Anna offers to change Jeremy over and gives him a vial of her blood. Very tempting is the idea of being able to shut off his emotions but he regretfully declines.  Anna, still hurting over her mother’s death is disappointed with Jeremy’s decision. Fortunately, she stumbles into the nest of vampire’s plotting to destroy the town and hurries to Damon to foil the plot. Then she’s off to locate Jeremy to warn and protect him.

OMG, and Damon actually thanks Bonnie for taking the curse off the mystic device…only we all know from last week that she hadn’t really done it! It was just so sexy to see the growth in Damon. And, of course, he was sweet enough to go after Jeremy for being so rude to his elder sister.

Stefan tells Elena that John Gilbert is most likely her father. She does not seem pleased. Lol. However, that’s not the worse news. What’s worse is that good ol’ Uncle John has the device in his possession and he is more than willing, eager even, to use it. In fact, his eagerness causes him to physically and painfully constrain the sherrif so that she will not interfere with their plans to remove every vampire from the city.

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The Town Council activates the device before the vampire’s could put into action their own insidious plan and each and every vampire goes down including, of course, Damon and Stefan. What was surprising, though, was the fact that Mayor Lockwood went down as well. And the piercing noise also caused his son, Tyler, to crash the car that he was driving home with Matt and Caroline as passengers.

The council injects all the down vampires with verbane, rounds them up, and throws them into a basement of an abandoned building. It is there the John Gilbert finds out that Anna is a vampire and delights in putting a stake through her heart right before setting fire to the entire building. (Oh, and Stefan isn’t in the basement with the rest simply because Alaric claimed to be taking him there and pulled him into the shadows instead.)

When Elena and Stefan figures out what is going on and the Damon is in iminent danger, off to the rescue they go. Only dear ol’ dad doesn’t want Elena to go down there. Elena’s takes this opporutunity to confront John about being her father and, as they say, your silence is answer enough. Stefan tries to enter the cellar to rescue his brother but we all no vampires and fire don’t quite mix.

Enter our slayer/witch, Bonnie, who holds on to Elena’s arm to prevent her running into the fire while at the same time using her witch craft to put out the fire enough for Stefan to get to Damon.  Before that can happen, however, Damon acknowledges the Mayor’s presence with his trademark pithy conversational skills.  Mayor Lockwood: “What are you doing here?”  Damon: “I’m a vampire. What’s your excuse?”

At first, we thought that the problem was going to be with Tyler and the EMTs were working on him when Caroline unexpectedly fainted. An after-effect of her relationship with Damon, perhaps? While at the hospital, Tyler is informed by the sheriff that he needs to call home to find out what has happened to his father.

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After all the hubbabaloo, Elena and Stefan meet at the usual haunt where Elena tells Stefan that the Town was told it was a simple electrical fire. She also comfirms and reaffirms to Stefan that she is love with him and not Damon. While she is doing that, her lil’ brother Jeremy is being told by Damon that Anna is dead. Again, Damon shows he can be compassionate and caring. He offers to take away Jeremy’s memories again but only if Jeremy decides to do so. Jeremy declines saying that making him forget want fill the emptiness inside of him. Damon apologies with all sincerity about his part in what happened to Vicki. He also explains to Jeremy that life sucks but as a vampire, he was indeed able to shut off his emotions, and yeah, it was a lot easier to live then. What Jeremy neglected to ask was why Damon was allowing his emotions to flow now. That question would surely have been enlightening on his next decision which was to take the blood and enough pills to “kill” him.

Bonnie confronts Stefan and lets him know that the only reason that she saved Damon was only because Elena is her best friend. She also lets him know that if Damon doesn’t behave himself, she has no problem going Buffy/Willow and opening a can on whip ass on his ass, even if she has to go through Stefan to do so.

Meanwhile, and this is the most delious aspects of the show, was the intimate tete-e-tete between Damon and Elena on Elena’s front porch. Damon thanks her for believing that he was worth saving AND THEY K.I.S.S. My cheering was sooo loud that my teenages boys came running to see what was up. Lol. And sooo team Damon. Mmm. Only, it turns out that…you guessed it…it wasn’t Elena that Damon was kissing. A cookie for the first one to guess correctly! Lol.

We found out just who it was when John and “Elena” was having a heart to heart about Isobel and she pulls out a knife, chops off his ring fingers, and stabs him as he mumbles “Katherine” and she says “Hello, John. Goodbye, John’ and gives that knife its final plunge.

And, confound it, they left us hanging as Elena hears the knife drop to the floor and heads to the kitchen, most likely thinking that it her brother Jeremy. Couldn’t we have at least seen Katherine and Elena come face-to-face. ~whine~

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So, what do I think is in store for us next season. Well, it is a given that Katherine will be starring in chaos and confusion.It’ll be fun is seeing how Damon and Elena reacts to her presence.

We’ll also find out if Jeremy will be turning and whether or not he’ll seek revenge on Damon for being the one to turn Vicki and Stefan for being the one to kill her because she was a threat to Jeremy, Elena, and the entire town. Hm. He may feel that revenge may fill the “emptiness” that is always present even though his memory has been swept. He may even join Katherine in her wake of destruction.

We’ll also find up what’s up with the weird Lockwood family. Those eyes were a dead give-away but they’re not vampires, so what are they? Werewolves, perhaps? Too bad that stupid vampire snapped the mayor’s neck before Damon could ask anymore questions.

Speaking of Damon, does the look on his face after THE KISS mean that he’s now in complete love with Elena or does it mean that he’s thinking that Elena kisses just like Katherine. Or, perhaps it means that he recognized Katherine from the kiss???

Oh, and what happens when Bonnie and Elena have another lil heart-to-heart, hm. And I think Bonnie may be doing her own imitation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Did you see how she was tracking that one vamp during the fireworks scene?

By the way, even though the vampires don’t go poof when they do, I kinda like the more realistic aspect of them drying up to their real age. It certainly beats the premise of a certain book/movie of “sparkling” vampires any day. I hear the show Moonlighting, previously on CBS, has been picked up to fill the VD hiatus. I’ hope its equally as good or just plain ol’ expire from waiting til September.

Ah well…I guess I could always read the books even though the show is a sharp departure from that storyline.

Hey, did you know that Elena is blond in the books?

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