On the Line by Donna Hill

I don’t usually read so-called “black” books because they were often most focused on that…the fact that the characters are “black”.


That’s not to say the I mind the descriptions of the blacks in the book. That’s important to know just who the characters are so that I can invest in them.

But, just don’t go overboard.

We don’t all talk like cast-offs from a rap video.

Anyway, I digress…

One of my favorite “black” authors is Donna Hill and I just finished reading her anthology On The Line.

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Although, I don’t know if it can really be called an anthology since each other picks up the story where the other leaves off and continues it in his or her own fashion.

The main story is of Joy Newhouse, a self-made shock jockey who listens to or reads a loud the letters containing her reader’s most shocking secrets.

The are stories of a woman married to three different men to a couple that thinks they are werewolves.

Writers Donna Hill, Anna DePalo and Rochelle A...

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Joy Newhouse is the dive of the airwaves, a relationship

expert who scores big with listeners for her jaw-dropping, scathing commentary on men, women, sex – no subject is taboo for this provocative radio shock jock. When she’s fired sudd

enly by new management, Joy isn’t happy off the air and out of the spotlight. So she writes a book that features her most titillating calls and letters, a bestseller ripe with the kind of gossip intended to put Joy back where she belongs: on top.

By far, my favorite tale of all was the one of the professor and his assistant but, well, I’m a sucker for true romance.

And Joy ends up finding a true romance of all. A true miracle for a woman who doesn’t really “date” but has a lot of s.e.x.

But, turns out that Joy has a few secrets of her own…secrets that she hasn’t even fully shared with her best friend…her one and only friend…Macy or new love Randy.

This is really good book. Four stars out of five.

The blending of writers is so smooth that I can hardly tell that they were 15 different authors.

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