OMG, why is the font so little?!?!

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In recent years, I have noticed a propensity for using a smaller font on most websites.

Ok, let me say the truth….the ol’ peepers just aren’t what they use to be. Lol.

So, before anyone (else!) goes firing off an evil email to the writers, let me let you in on a little secret.

Right there on your keyboard is your salvation.

Well, your keyboard and your mouse, to be exact.

Of course, this only works if your mouse has a scroll bar so, yeah, you may need to spend a few bucks to upgrade.

My wireless mouse.

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Its either that or call your doctor for a prescription for some bifocals, y’know.

Take your left finger and hold down the control key (hm, funny how I say left eventhough I am right handed….it doesn’t really matter which control key you hold down…).

With your opposite hand on the mouse….1…2…3….SCROLL!!!

To make your font bigger, scroll up (towards your monitor).

To make it smaller, scroll down (towards yourself).

And what’s awesome is that your computer will apply the settings to every website that you visit from now on.

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