Objectifying Men: Selling Sexy on SassClass.com

male statue
Image by extranoise via Flickr

On a play on the tip by The Bad Blogger and backed up by The Admaster, I have decided to start using sexy pictures randomly on this blog.

Just to see if it increases my traffic, you understand.

Not because I find them, um, drool worthy!


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

I am, however, departing from pictures of beautiful women to pictures of beautiful men.

Much, much harder to find…mores the pity.

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Anywho, nothing too risque.

No penis showing or anything like that.

Just photos that you could find in any magazine.

A nice set of abs, firm hard thighs, delectable…

Woah, pull back Trina…you’re getting distracted…

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