No Sparkle Shellac Shocked

I volunteered to be the guinea pig for the manicure process called Shellac.

First of all, I had a heck of a time finding a place that does shallac nails.

All in all, I found two places within walking distance that do shellac manicures (I am, unfortunately, sans personal transportation right now.)

Although I really wanted to go to the spa, I let my wallet do the talking and went to the place that was $10 cheaper.

Ok, all of this happened on Sunday, so my photo is actually several days old…

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Just like with acrylics, I can already see where my nails are growing.

In the end though, I think that I am too shallow for the current shellac methods.

If I am paying $35 a pop, I want my nails to have some fancy designs, glitters, and pop!

This one color is just not gonna do.

That’s why my friend nicknamed me Sparkle after all…Lol.

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