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Allow me to introduce my blog and then myself.

What is this blog about?

Founded in 2010, this blog has been through quite a few metamorphosis, including several changes in its domain name.

This blog is a musing of things that happen in my day-to-day life. I talk about everything from being a parent to working from home. I guess the best description is to call this a personal lifestyle blog.

My favorite type of posts to write are those that either connect with my reader on an emotional or intellectual level. I really want to make my reader feel or think or even just challenge the way that she feels or thinks.

To keep myself honest and to help you keep abreast of the types of post that interest you most, I have made myself an editorial calendar.

  • 1st of the month:  I do an work from home income post.
  • 10th of the month: Follow along on my weightloss journey
  • 20th of the month: Personal lifestyle posts
  • 1st Thursday of the month: Rant, Raves, and Opinions
  • 2nd Thursday of the month: Television and other entertainment reviews
  • 3rd Thursday of the month: Work at home job information and/or review
  • 4th Thursday of the month: Product review/shopping information
  • 5th Thursday of the month: Freebies/Giveaways/Coupons/Deals

Who Am I?

Hi, all! I am Ms. Katrina.

Hm. How to describe myself.

Writing an About Me description is always the hardest part isn’t it.

Ok, here goes…

I am single, separated mother of three, 2 boys and 1 girl.Photo of all 3 kids on day of high school graduation in 2014

As I write this (9/22/2016), the boys are 21 and 20 and the girl is 17.

We live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia although the boys attend college in Fairfax and Williamsburg, respectively.

R.I.P. Triggy the chameleon

R.I.P. Triggy the chameleon

For the past year, I have managed to keep 1 dog and 3 cats alive.

We recently suffered a loss in the family of our beloved chameleon, Triggy, may he rest in peace.

What else…? What else…?

Oh, yeah, I searching for gainful employment but I would much rather by blogging as my sole income.

Finding out what you like in life is oftentimes a test of finding out what you don’t like in life. And one of the things I have never really liked was working for someone else. I didn’t like having to get myself and my kids up and rush out the door. I didn’t like not being home when my children came home from school. I didn’t like being too tired to pay attention to all of the long, drawn out stories that my children loved to tell me.

So, when I loss my job in customer service in 2002, I begin seriously looking for a work at home job (wahj). Being as I was burned out from being yelled at all day, I tried to avoid any job that required phone work. If you have ever looked for a telecommute job, you know how nearly impossible that can be, especially with no specific skills or experience.

But in that research, I found blogging.

No experience necessary. Check.

No special skills required. Check.

Can learn as I go. Check.

Work when I want, where I want. Check.

Unlimited income potential. Check.

No big, bad boss. Check

No uniform or dress code. Check.

No customers. Check.

No clients. Check.

No employees. Check.

Blogging was (and is) all that I want in a career and more.

Even through all of the ups and downs, through my procrastination and my up-all-nighters, blogging has never really felt like work to me. And isn’t that what they say is the hallmark of the perfect career.

So, yeah, I’m a blogger. And proud of it!


Who reads this blog?

Average Monthly Pageviews: 1,463

Average Unique Users: 738

Bounce rate: 35.22%

Time per visit: 1.18 minutes

Gender: Female (57.3%)

Age: 34.69% is 25 – 34

28.57% is 35 – 44

20.41% is 18 – 24

Location: USA ((77.01%)

Social Media (as of 9/22/2016)

Twitter: 2,140 | Facebook Personal: 1,023| Facebook Fanpage: 546  Pinterest: 1,128|

Services (rates available upon request)

All of my services are coupled with a responsive social media blast. Social blasts include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr linking and tagging to brand.

Product Reviews

I am only interested in offering honest reviews to my readers. Therefor, every review is a product that I own or have at least tried.


Some of the most effective products reviews are coupled with a product giveaway.

Sponsored Posts

For sponsored posts, I combine my voice with your product to give the reader a unique experience and sense of well-being regarding your brand.

Because my first obligation is to my readers, I am still selective and responsible in the products on which I post.


I also offer the ability to place ads in the header of the blog, in the header or footer of posts, or on the sidebar.

Contact Info


I hope that you enjoy my blog and if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to rant, feel free to email me at

And remember, each subscriber will earn a $.10 donation to the charity of the month!


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