Netflix is loosing its stars….

I was extremely excited to receive both a free month of Netflix and hundreds of points from Swagbucks.

Especially as when I looked, there was True Blood.

True Blood…sign me up…

But…guess what….No True Blood.

Well, kinda….if I wanted to pay extra to have the dvds mailed to me.

Uh, no thanks…

(Psst. I can’t comfirm this but I heard that if you are doing a free month of streaming then the month of dvds is free too. Just sayin’….)

And then I was watching videos on Swagbucks and I heard that they lost Starz and they are concentrating on making original broadcasts to compete with HBO Go.

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Ur…wrong move Netflix…

I subscribe to catch up on episodes of shows that I may have missed.

Or to watch movies and shows that bring back fond memories.

Nowhere in my thought process is the thought to subscribe to watch original shows from YOU!

Why would I be being paying for that??

Heck, I don’t even pay for cable.

Now, if you have shows that I already want…and then introduce me to your original gimmick…well, then, that’s a horse of a different color, y’know.

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But, until you get yourself together…yeah, don’t expect too many stars from me.

Anybody else about to ditch Netflix?

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