My week in the Rat Race of blogging

This is a new column that I have decided to do weekly.

Nothing extraordinary.

Just a week in review type of thing.

God directed my steps do this too, especially those who are interested in exactly how much work goes into blogging.

I didn’t take good notes but I’ll do better hence forth…maybe…mostly….lol.

Alrighty then, last week was a busy week.

Not because I was doing anything unusual.

But because I was having problems with two separate blogs. Plus I was putting some finishing touches on the already established one.

Construction Worker
Image by wools via Flickr


I don’t know what was causing my homepage to disappear but it appears to be fixed now. I got so frustrated that I actually contacted dreamhost. Initially, the just changed my theme to the default wordpress theme but I hated it. I looked at a few others but there is nothing like my atahualpa. So, I changed it back and lo and behold it worked! For a day. When I woke up the next morning, the homepage was down again. So, I sent them another message with the solutions that I found on the atahualpa forum that linked to things that I could not access via my ftp. Meanwhile, I switched it to atahualpa 3.5.3 and still nothing. I remembered that the homepage was working when there were not any widgets on the sidebar so I deleted them in desperation. Bam! My homepage was working again. I put each widget back slowly, refreshing the screen to make sure the ol’ main page didn’t do another disappearance act on me again. Still looking good…

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And that is how I spent the majority of my week.

I did manage to get out a few posts on Amablogger.

Are you using Google Search or are you leaving money on the table?

How to put the Google Adsense Search Box on your website

How to install a favicon


Just this morning, I came to a lovely decision on and MoneyTrina (probably still going to change the name though). Earness will become the site for telecommuting and moneytrina will be more of an earn at home type blog. What’s the difference, you ask. Well, moneytrina will have things like ptc (paid to click) and surveys, while Earness will have careers that offer telecomuting. I was struggling to figure out how to make both fit into one blog when it occurred to me why would I want to do that when these are two different audiences.

Since I made the decision just this morning, there are no new posts on moneytrina nor have I updated it to reflect its new statuse. Here are some doozies from Earness though.

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Pinecone Research Wants Hispanic/Latin Households

(That one slipped in before I made the change. Lol.)

Event Planner Needed (Colorado)

PT Entry level seo/web work/html/graphic design (Denver)

PHP Web Developer (Colorado)

Besides just realizing that I still forgot to change the image back (I hate that you have to go through ftp to change the image in atahualpa), here are the posts that made it through.

NY City Cracking down on HUD fraud

Thousands stand in line for Housing Application in Guam

The GoodBuy was also having its own problems. The header image, blog title, and blog tagline had all disappeared. Praise the Lord that they all came back somehow during the last wordpress/atahualpa upgrade so I did not have to do anything at all to fix it.

Book Review: Forever Taken

The World wide web chuckles at the Bank of America

Target employees are protesting Black Friday midnight opening


That’s this blog right here. Mostly been doing some maintenance. Fixing the header image. Putting relevant ads on the sidebar. That type of thing….

Oh, and I managed to write a post or two…Lol.

Personality test reveals that I am a dreamer

Where’s My Daughter?!?!

Cool Girls Take It In the Sass

What would you do if you woke at 4 am and your teenager had boyfriend or girlfriend in your house?

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GiveAway Car

And, as if my life is not busy enough, I have started yet another blog. The purpose (yes there is a purpose. shuddup!!) is to first, give me some experience working with blogger that I can write up on AmaBlogger. The next is that I have wanted to do a giveaway blog for awhile and I am happily shocked to know that other bloggers are making nice bank on this type of blog. Yippe!! Not to mention the freebies.

There is nothing really to report on this blog yet as I am just now registering the domain through blogger and I have no giveaways to report yet. If you would like me to write up your giveaway, drop an email to katrinablogs at gmail dot com. I need something to put on this blog. Lol.

So, that has been pretty much my week. Do a few other things such as open gmail accounts and twitter accounts for each blog and then making sure that the RSS feeds filter through those twitter accounts. This should give me better conversion as I go after a target audience.

Completed my usual work with voiceboks and stumbleupon.

Still much to do….

Stay tuned!

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2 comments to My week in the Rat Race of blogging

  • is dreamhost better than other web hosting services? i’m looking for a new host, mine is at blogger 🙂

    your new follower,


    • I wouldn’t know if dreamhost is better than any other webhost because, besides my recent foray into the land of blogger, I have only ever used dreamhost. Now, I am finding that I much more prefer wordpress to blogger. Dreamhost has a one click install to put wordpress on any site hosted by them. HTH. Feel free to ask any other questions that you have…


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