My Oldest Son Spanked Mr. Smarty-pants

My kiddos Standards of Learning test results came in today.

And, may I say, I do raise some bright children.

~pops collar~

And YAY! for public school education.

(See, I can share my glory).

The first one that I opened was Baby Girl’s.

She did pretty good….all Pass Proficient on the Virginia SOL…will work on getting her up to Pass Advanced.

She scaled a 443 in Content Specific History US History I (2008)

A 476 in Grade 6 Mathematics (2001 Revised)


474 in Grade 6 Reading.

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A minimum score of 500 is required to be Passed Advanced.

Next, I opened the self-appointed Smartess of the Whole Family if not The World.

That would be my middle child, second born son.

End-Of-The-Course Algebra II (2001 Revised) scored him a 462.

End-of-Course Biology’s score is 549.


End-of-Course World History I scored him a 471.

But, sorry darling, your older brother spanked you straight across the board.

You see, he scores were 545, 580, and 482, respectively.

Expect to be reminded of this each and every time you think that your the greatest of all times!

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Yeah, y’all might not want to take up my parenting style.

You’ll never find in that darn book by Dr. Spock.

Not that I ever read it….Obviously.

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