My Favorite TV Dads

It is an unfortunate fact in life that some are not bleesed to know an positive example of what a Father should really be in there life.

So, in honor of Father’s Day, I have listed some of my favorite television fathers all time.

For myself, the best television dad of all time is Cliff Huxtable of The Cosby Show. Despite the fact that Cliff and Claire live an unbelievable lifestyle of having both a doctor and a lawyer in the family, the manage to raise some of the most well-behaved and emotionally balanced kids in the history of the world….all with a bit of humor.

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The runner up, in my humble opinion, is Julius Rock from Everybody Hates Chris. This dear ol’ dad can be found working three jobs at any given time to support his family. Despite the fact that he gets way to little sleep, you never once see him turn his back on his wife or children when they are in need of fatherly advice or guidance.

What can I say about Homer Simpson? Lol. Actually, this pick was of my darling daughter. Personally, I wouldn’t have added him to the list. However, I will note that Homer is always there for his wife and kids when push comes to shove. The push just has to be kinda hard for him to notice….

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 Married…With Children put the fun in family dysfunctional. The griped and they sniped at each other as a form of showing love and affection. Not! Lol. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll have to admit that your family has at least had one or two “Bundy” type moments. Either that, or your family is completely boring.

The beauty of Dan Conner of Roseanne was that he was an everyday man trying to make it in an everyday world with his wise cracking wife and his equally smart mouthed offspring. Dan Connor is the strong, steadfast father that every man can strive to be.

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Those are my top five favorite tv dads. Did I miss any of yours?

Oh, and by the way…

Happy Father’s Day!

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