My daughter is so Charmed

Charmed: Season 1

So, I was watching Charmed on my Roku when my tween daughter decided to help the girls out with their slogan.

You know the one….

“The Power of Three Will Set Us Free.”

So, here we go…

“The Power of Two Will Just Have to Do.”


“The Power of One Means I Need to Run.”

Yeah, she gets her backwards sense of humor from her daddy momma.

If you are ditching the cable, you can also get  Charmed – The Complete First Season on Amazon.

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1 comment to My daughter is so Charmed

    I was addicted to Charmed too when they first came out, around the same time as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think they were the only ones that delved on the supernatural so they were a hit. Also, Charmed followed Dawson’s Creek so I guess it came naturally that I also watch the three charming witches.


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