My Blogging Epiphany

I seem to¬† think the best when I’m walking.

And I walk alot.

Actually, most to the time it is my only form of exercise.

But, I digress.

Yesterday, whilst walking home from my daughter’s honor roll clap-clap-clap (aka Honor Roll Assembly), it came to me that I am spreading myself too thin with all of these various blogs and that I should just consolidate them down to just a few.

That way, not only would the few blogs have more content, but it would leave my schedule free to purpose the art of getting more traffic.

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Which is perfect, because today I had the epiphany that my income will be more or less traffic based, at least until such time as I find a sponsor for the blog (hint, sponsor me, hint. Lol.)

So, that it was I am going to do.

MishandMash (for which I am still seeking a new Katrina-esque name) and MoneyTrina will both stay separate.

However, KatrinaFinds will roll into KatrinaBlogs.

And finally, NaturallyKatrina, CourtingKatrina, KatrinaTithes, and IfKatrinaCanCookIt will all roll into this blog, QueenKatrina.

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After all, this is my life blog and all of those elements are part of my life.

Now I will have time to focus on the social elements as well as SEO to drag traffic (kicking and screaming, if necessary!) to my sites.

Good idea, yes?

Glad you agree!

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2 comments to My Blogging Epiphany

  • I've been thinking about this same thing lately. LIke maybe I've been too much of a "niche" blogger. so I'm considering selling maybe at least one of my blogs. I think it's better to have a wide range of topics on one blog sometimes anyway. Good luck to you!


    • Yeah, so far it is working out great for me. My blogs have become more focused and I have way more time to spend being social and building backlinks for traffic. Good Luck to you too!


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