My Blackberry Playbook is at the “doctors”

Last week, I had to send my Blackberry Playbook into the shop and I so miss it.

The problem is that they installled the charger port upside down and it would not charge.

BlackBerry Playbook

Actually, it would charge but I had to purchase a rapid charger which uses a different port than the regular charger.

But it was still a problem because I needed the port to connect my tablet to my computer.

I must say that the Blackberry Customer Service was excellent.

They even called back when my wonky phone disconnected the call.

As I write this, I must admit to not really missing the Playbook as much as missing the convenience of having a tablet.

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Heck, if they offered to buy it back from me for at least $150, I would tell them to keep it.


One reason is that there are no ports to plug in a flash drive, which would have made moving files off the device ever so much easier.

Nor does it have the ability to install a microSD card to increase the memory.

Also, it does not have the major apps that I crave such as Kindle and Netflix.

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In fact, I just want access to the whole Android market like they promised when I purchased the thing.

If I had to finances, I would actually be looking hard at getting myself a 7 inch Acer Iconia. a
Acer Iconia Tab A100

Anywho, I am (somewhat) patiently waiting for my Blackberry Playbook to come home from the shop.

Till then, I am just window shopping for my next tablet…


In case you are wondering, I am considering the Kindle Fire but it does not have a camera and only has 8 GB.

The only thing that it has over my Playbook is that it has the Google Play marketplace.

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Maybe I’ll win one in all of these giveaways that I keep entering! Lol.


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