Monday Movie Review: Thor

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Tom Hiddleston at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con...

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The world is a buzz with the movie Thor.

My question is….why?

It wasn’t that great of a movie.

The plot of the movie was a typical bad son being cast out of the kingdom to find his own way as a mortal.

As my son stated, the movie had a beginning and an ending but it was missing the middle to tie it all together.

At best I give it a C+.

Mostly because the guy that played Thor was cute and Tom Hiddleston was excellent as Loki.

Anthony Hopkins did a wonderful job as the Thor’s father and I giggled whenever Natalie Portman ran Thor over.

The only reason that I watched it was because I saw Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on TMZ and thought he was a clone of Brad Pitt.

And, I most say, once he gets a little bit more of Mr. Pitts panache, Brad had better start watching his back.

Hollywood could be giving the middle finger to his high salary expectations and instead casting Mr. Hemsworth as the leading heartthrob.

After all, he does sling a mean hammer.



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