Meadowbrook Rocks!

I thought I’d post just how much I love Meadowbrook Middle School.

This post is especially important to Norfolk parents who are in the process of deciding on a middle school for their burgeoning crumb snatcher.

You cannot go wrong with the The School of International Studies at Meadowbrook

Stats from Meadowbrook News: The Ambassador Quartely April 1, 2010:

One hundred percent of the children are on course for promotion. Ninety percent of our children made the honor roll third quarter, and 98% of our children have met the grade point average requirement.

Of course, as my smarty-partady middle child says, and I quote “Ghent takes average students and makes the smart. Meadowbrook takes smart children and makes them more smart.”

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Ok, I paraphrased.

Close enough!

And, as a bonus….


Yeah, really, reaaaally going to miss uniforms.


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