May 2016 Goals Report

Keeping myself goal oriented has become very important to me lately.

I have already wrote my blogging goal post and it went out on the 1st of the month.

If you are looking for an income report or traffic stats, you should definitely head on over there.

First, let’s go over my goals for last month and see how well I did.

Lifestyle, finainicial, and blogging goals


  • Get More Exercise: Nope. Well, kinda. With my Samsung App, I do find myself trying to reach my daily step goal. I think I will be great at this if I ever get a Fitbit because the reminders make me guilty enough to get moving a bit more.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables: Does buying them count? No. Ok, then FAIL!
  • Budget time: This one I am excelling at. In fact, I just started keeping track of my blogging day on my blogging about blogging blog. Just a few posts thus far but it is a start.
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  • Blogging: I should make Adsense payout this month as I was only $2 shy last month. Definitely not enough to live off of but certainly encouraging that it can be done. I have also decided to apply for sponsored posts on Sundays so that is what I will be doing after I finish writing this out.
  • Amazon Flex: They have only given me one shift all month and I had to throw it back because I didn’t like the feel of the brakes on my car. Better safe, than sorry even though I could use the moola.
  • iSoftstone: Yeah, I never even went back and tried again. I wonder if my logins still work. If they do, a second attempt is on the schedule for this month. If not, oh well, it wasn’t for me. On a positive note, I got a bit of work with Appen so that put a few bills in my pocket.
  • Amazon Fulfillment: I put aside some of my tax money ($200) ┬ájust for this. Again, I say, stay tuned….
  • Giveaways: I still haven’t one anything although I was doing the happy dance for my friend who won Amazon from that Nielson grocery scanning thingy.
  • Groceries: I was really under budget. I did so well!! I really should start doing posts for this. What do you think??
  • Prius: Nothing towards the Prius. A good hunk of my tax money went towards renting a SUV to bring my boys home from college. In other words, there goes the grocery bill!! Lol.
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This blog, being it is not a niche blog, is rather difficult to monetize effectively. But, a ray of sunshine entered my life when I was reading about having a demographic blog rather than a niche. That’s what this blog is.

Before, I was describing this blog as a personal blog or, at best, a lifestyle blog. And it is both of those too. But, to monetize most effectively, I need to narrow down the demographics.

  1. Nail down the exact demographic of the readers of this blog.
  2. Find out where my demographic hangs out online.
  3. Find products that this demographic would be interested in.
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So, those are my goals for the month. Again, nothing to earth shattering. Just keep improving on what I have already been doing while adding a few things to bring in a bucket load of do-re-mi!

If you have a goal post. feel free to add it in the linkup below. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you write one and make yourself accountable right there in black and white. If you are not a blogger, feel free to leave your goals in the comments.

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