May 2016 Blog Income and Traffic Report

Time for another income/traffic/goal report. Has it been a month already? My, how time flies when you’re having fun!

I decided to break it down on each of my blogs so that I can keep track of how I’m improving every month. After all, numbers don’t lie, right?

How’s this blog doing?


You guys refuse to subscribe to my email list but you love me via Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I’ll take it!


My Google Plus got suspended for 2 weeks because of duplicate posts (they called it spam) so now I know that I need to be extra careful on how I use Buffer on there. I don’t use Google Plus as much as I should anyway.

I am proud of my social media growth as I didn’t really participate in a bunch of “like for like” type groups so the bulk of that is organic. I mostly just shared interesting posts from people that I follow as well as sharing interesting articles I found around the web.

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I also organized my Pinterest board to have only my blog posts. The rest went into boards that I created just for that topic.


  • Sponsored Posts: $0.00
  • Affiliates: $0.53
  • Adsense: $0.82 (down from $0.90)

This website is still not profitable. Probably because I just decided on my demographic target audience (more on that later) and only have a vague idea where they hang out and how to go after them.


  • Sessions: 939 (down from 999)
  • Users: 782 (up from 762)
  • Pageviews: 2114 (down from 2678)
  • Page/Session: 2.25 (down from 2.68)
  • Average Session Time: 1:39 (down from 2:56)
  • Bounce Rate: 40.36% (up from 38.42%)
  • Returning Visitors: 19% (down from 25.7%)

Yeah, these numbers suck too. Ah, well. We should see a huge improvement next month as a target my specific audience.

Speaking of audience, I said that I would tell you more about that later. Later is here.

When you read “how to be a successful blogger”, they all spout the importance of finding a niche.

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Which is true.

But this is a lifestyle blog and I had a hard time narrowing down it’s niche.

Till I realized that it doesn’t have a niche, it has a demographic.

This light bulb moment came from reading a post on having a demographic blog (I can’t remember which blog it was) but it hadn’t me saying yes, Yes, YES!!

In other words, rather than a niche, I have a target market.

My target market is “the working poor”.

But, then I read somewhere else that you should drill down your target market to be as specific as possible.

So far, I’ve gotten that the real fans of this blog will be “the working poor who are socially aware, want to lose a few pounds, earn a few dollars, save money, and stream a lot of tv”.

Basically, I am seeking the audience that Oprah would have if she was starting her show in 2016.

Is that you? Lol. It certainly describes me.

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I think that fits since my 5 hottest posts are:

  1. I Am An Amazon Flex Driver
  2. The good, the bad, and the ugly of Amazon Flex
  3. I work as a search engine evaluator for Leapforce, Inc
  4. 20 Years later is Welfare a bold experiment that failed?
  5. How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

What are this blog’s goals for next month?


  • Write income post (this one. DONE!)
  • Write 1 grocery saving post a week
  • Write “how to earn” post
  • Write “how to save” post
  • Write one opinion post
  • Re-write old posts


  • Fix the header that has been on the list forever
  • Go back and add images to old posts

No real big goals this month. I can’t bring myself to write more than once or twice a week on any of my blogs.

So, how about you? Do you have any goals (blog or otherwise) this month?

If you’ve written a blog goal, income, or traffic report, feel free to add it to the following linkup.

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