MacroManaging Momma

Here’s how things went down.

My 14-year-old brought home not one but two grades of C on his report card.

Now, Ms. Katrina don’t play that sh*t.

Especially at the high school level.

The competition to get into the college of his choice is getting more and more fierce everyday and I don’t allow any grade below a B…bad mom that I am.

So, I gave him what I felt was a minor discipline measure of one week of punishment of no computer forĀ  a week per C.

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The boy is throwing a conniption fit worthy of a addict not getting his daily hit. LMAO.

He even had the nerve to tell me that I should have been checking up on his grades all along on the school computer system.

I think not, baby boy.

I’m a macromanaging type of mom.

Which is good because we leave in a macro-managing type of world.

On recent talk shows, the micromanaging and helicopter moms are getting all of the press.

But, what about us who are hands off until such time as we are needed to get involved with loving, corrective discipline.

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I say, don’t do the crime, and you won’t have to do the time.

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