Looking for Snarky Blogs

When I originally started this blog, it was intended as a depository for all the snarky, bitchy, lazy, whiny, procrastinating, narcissistic, introverted pieces of my life.

But, well, by the time I think about posting, I have completely forgotten what I was going to post about.

And, other types of blogs make me more money than this blog.

Aaaaaaannd, they can make me money passively. Ie, whether I update the site or not, I makes my $money$.

Maybe you missed the word lazy in that first sentence up there.

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Go ahead, read it again.

I’ll wait…

After all, the longer you are on my blog, the better for me.

(I hope you caught the word narcissistic or you’ll have to go read that sentence again.)

Anywho, one way to keep me interested in writing on this blog is to actually read other blogs with other sharing similar personality traits.

Yes, there are folks out there just like me.

Who knew, right.

So, back to the point of this post.

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Yes, there is a point to this post.

Kudos to you if you even read this far to see that there is a point to this post.

Ok, the point is…

I’m looking for some blogs to subscribe to read.

Two simple rules.

The blog must be sarcastic, snarky, bitchy, whiney, etc…etc…etc…that mostly laughs at yourself and the world around you.

You saw the list above.

(Sorry, mom blogs with perfect angel kids, I’m not overly interested. Well, unless your kids are perfect but you, my dear, are an unruly mess.)

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Second rule is that you must have the ability to Subscribe by email.


Because that’s just how I roll.

If you fit those oh-so-strict requirements, list your blog post below and I will take a looksee and subscribe.


Told you that there was a purpose to this post.

~blows raspberry at the doubters~

~The Queen Katrina


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