LOOK! I am a social influencer!

Hey, everybody, guess what! I am a social influencer!

Yes, that’s right, y’all.

I tweeted and Verizon responded.

I feel so…powerful….

It is a heady…if fleeting…feeling…

Ok, here’s how the whole thing started.

There I was, watching HGTV Live on my Roku and they kept playing the commercial with the annoying British guy over and over and over and over and over and over again…

And, well, it going…annoying.

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I got so frustrated that I posted the following tweet.

(In case you are wondering about the “not compatible with apps” part, at this time, you cannot use a Verizon phone if you want to be employed by Amazon as a Flex Driver.

I wasn’t expecting anything…certainly not a response from Verizon customer service.

Right! Right?!?!

I am very impressed that Verizon Customer Service Twitter team was so on it that they caught and responded to lil’ ol’ me minutes after I posted it.

Yes, I am broke and if it ain’t Unlimited Everything then it ain’t for me. I do not believe in overages. Go ahead and throttle me down instead, thank you very much. I smirk every time I hear someone talking about how they went over their minutes. Yeah, ok….

Of course, they ruined it by sending me to a page that shows, well, let’s just say NOT Unlimited anything. 

It ranged from 1 GB for $30 to 6 GB for $60 all the way to 18 GB for $100.

And what does this little line that they try to hide at the bottom mean?

Plan cost per month. Plus $20/month/smartphone purchased on device payment. Taxes and fees apply.

Is that an additional $20 month on top of the data plan costs???

Yeah. No. Gonna stick with Tmobile and pay my $50.50 with Unlimited Everything but just a throttle down on those rare occasions when I go over my allotted data.

Sorry, Verizon, no love here except for with your customer service department who, for one brief shiny moment, let me know that I am a social influencer too.

And the fact is, thanks to our modern world and technology, we are all social influencers. Corporations may be able to hide our negative posts on their own pages (and trust me, many of them do) but they can’t control what we write on our on. 

Have you ever contacted a corporation via social media for help? Did you try traditional means such as phone or email first? Which way had the better result?

4 comments to LOOK! I am a social influencer!

  • They are all doing it like that now which is why i went to prepaid (boost) i pay 60 a month unlimited everything. I had Verizon and I think they are the worst, they charge extra for everything and add a ton of extra charges on their bill, same goes for vios..jus sayin, congrats though


    • I loved Boost! Especially there shrinkage plan. Do they still offer that? Unfortunately, some of my money making programs required that I have an account with one of the big cell phone companies and the only one that I like is Tmobile.


  • Ahhh yes.. always love that little line at the bottom in very small writing tricking you. Very unethical. Is there not a better way to make sales.


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