Just dog gone wrong!

my dog, a labrador retriever
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I know that there are some pet owners about to go slam off over this story.

I just read on The Sacremento Bee of a Lady who goes out to run errands and comes back to find that her beloved yellow Labrodor had been shot in the head.

“Who shot her?”, you ask.

Why the police, of course!

You see a burglar alarm went off.

And when the police approached Mary Kate Hallock’s home to investigate, her dog Gloria barked and growled at them.

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(Shocking, isn’t it, that a dog would protect her mistress’ home in such a manner.

Why, if this gets out, people all over the country may just start getting dogs for just that reason. )

Apparently fearing for their lives, the police shot three rounds, one of which struck the dog in the head, killing the 11-year-old arthritic dog.

Ms. Hallock arrived home to a oh-so-tactful note tapped to her door explaining what happened.

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