June 2014 Goals

I have been inspired by a couple of blogs that I read this week to set up monthly goals for myself.

And not just financial goals either but personal goals as well.

But the scary part of it all is that I am going to post all of the goals here and we’ll see how well I did this time next month.


Ok, let’s get started.

Money in goals:

1 hour/day Mturk

1 hour/day Swagbucks/Bing/Viggle

2 hours/day Leapforce

This should make my monthly guaranteed income $900/month.

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Then I will spend 4 hours/day blogging.

Hopefully my work on blogging will cap my month off with $1000 income or more.

My blogging goals for the month of June are posted over on Amablogger.com.

Money out goals:

* Pay property taxes

* Pay for drivers license renewal

* Purchase graduation gifts for my 2 sons

* Get car inspected

* Start shopping for back-to-school

* Save money for my birthday in July

Health goals:

* 100 crunches every morning

* Drink 4 bottles of water/day

* 1 spoonful of coconut oil every day

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* Eat sprinkle of flax seed every time I open the refrigerator

* Clean the papers off the couch

* Purchase dresses/hair/nails for two son’s graduation.

Yeah, I’m tired looking at this list already. Lol.

Luckily, I already have some of those things in my routine.

What are your goals for this month?

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