July 2015 Update: My Personal Life, My Blogging Life, & Income

JWith Temperatures in the 90s and 100s, I finally understand the phrase sweating the weight off http://mscrookedhalo.com/july-2015-update-my-personal-life-my-blogging-life-income/uly 2015 Update: My Personal Life, My Blogging Life, & Income

On a personal life front, I am pleased to announce that I have lost 17 lbs in the past six months with 8 lbs being lost in the last month or so.

Gotta thank God for some of the weight lost of last month as my friend says I “sweated all that weight off” in 90 – 100 degree heat.

Plus, I have been drinking a lot of ice water and I hear that aids in weight loss as well.

I totally slacked on using my Wii for exercise last month and only did about 4 or 5 days the entire month.

My middle child and my god-daughter both had birthdays last month and my friend’s daughter graduated high school.

On the binge watching front, I got Olivia kidnapped (Scandal), Katherine dead and inside Elena (Vampire Diaries), Sky finally met her kooky dad (Marvel’s Agents of Shield), and John Snow murdered by his own Watchman (Game of Thrones).

Yeah, I watch a butt-load of television but that happens when you work from home.

Or is it just me?

Yeah, it may just be me.

Just as I had a plan in place on how to work in my 40 hours/week at Leapforce, I was slapped down with a penalty for substandard work which means I was only allowed to work up to 1 hour per day.

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All in all, I managed 33 hours, 15 mins for a grand total of $448.87. My invoice has already been submitted and approved and I am just waiting on payout, usually between the 18th and the 25th of the month.

As far as income from this blog, the results were not at all impressive but,  keep in mind that this was a very neglected website in a niche (personal, lifestyle blog) this is hard to monetize.

So, I consider myself pretty much starting from scratch with this one.

My simple goal is to double the income every month.’

With these numbers, how hard can that be?

Adsense: $0.02

ProjectWonderful: $0.56 (My biggest month every with Project Wonderful was $0.74.)

Amazon: $0.00

I am more happy, however, with my traffic and click gains.

These numbers are so not impressive to anyone else but I am in love with the growth in relation to my efforts.

According to Statcounter, I had:

  • 584 pageview (up from 508)
  • 515 first time visitors (up from 499)
  • 15 return visitors (up from 5)

And Amazon: 8 clicks (up from 0)

My take away is that with this blog, it is definitely going to be a numbers game.

On this blog, I think that I am going to focus on earning from Project Wonderful because it is pay per impression and many people have their bids set to auto-bid based on the simple criteria of the amount of views.  I am sure there may be other criteria as well.

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The thing that I am impressed with is that I some websites with bids in the hundreds per day. The majority, however, are under $10. Since that is an easy $300/month, I can live with that.

Last month, I joined and begin using Facebook groups to get traffic and increase my social media numbers.

  • Twitter: 1,066 (up from 1060)
  •  Facebook Personal: 980 (up from 978)
  •  Facebook Fanpage: 224 (up from 105)
  • Instagram: 74 (up from 20)
  • Pinterest: 283 (up from 144)
  • Tumblr: 10 (same as last month)

I donated to the Andre Sobel River Of Life Foundation. After you reading this, you will too. http://mscrookedhalo.com/july-2015-update-my-personal-life-my-blogging-life-income/

My gambit of paying $.10 to theAndre Sobel River of Life Foundation for every subscriber to my blog was an abysmal failure thus far as I have a grand total of 3 people on my subscriber list, 2 of whom are me (testing Aweber) and the third person is my friend.

A few left comments that they subscribed but I don’t know if it was a problem with the form that I was using or if they just didn’t do it at all.

Either way, I went ahead and rounded it up and donated a full $1.00 (which is more than this blog even made. Lol.)

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Speaking of Aweber, I finally got off my duff and worked on my subscribe box.

That’s it on the blog sidebar with all the hearts.

It was actually pretty easy once I watched the videos and read the tutorials.

My only complaint with Aweber thus far is that they don’t have a simple plugin for the popup or lightbox.

I took the one that I was using off because I wanted to be able to set it not to annoy new visitors and to remind frequent visitors that they could subscribe. Plus, I wanted the popup and the sidebar to match in terms of design.

I have it set to popup every 7 visits instead of every visit.

But, I loathe messing with my theme and I really wish they would just make an official plugin or add it to the plugin that they already have.

My focus in the month of July will be to settle on a fcous for this blog (it is all over the place), continue utilizing the Facebook bloggers groups, using link ups, and making compelling images to be shared on Pinterest.

To that end, I may have to go back and re-do all of my older posts.

How was your life last month? Did you hit or miss any personal or professional goals?

2 comments to July 2015 Update: My Personal Life, My Blogging Life, & Income

  • about your subscribers?
    Have you checked that they confirmed their subscription?
    It’s not waiting in limbo?

    (you have a very tiny font here in the comment box)
    Diana Studer recently posted…Crossing False BayMy Profile


    • Subscribers have to double opt in (click the subscribe button in their email) in order to be counted. I get an email whenever someone subscribes.

      I am looking into the font issue as it should be the same size as the rest of my website but a handy trick that has come in handy for me is to hold down the Control key on your keyboard while using the scroll bar on your mouse to go up. This will increase the font on any website. HTH.


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