Its almost fun at the YMCA

I am finally tackling my 2013 New Years Resolution to get into better shape.

English: YMCA logo (international and USA)

English: YMCA logo (international and USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frankly, I am out of excuses being as the just opened a YMCA down the street from my house.

It opened the last week of May and I have been going faithfully to workout.

Ok, almost faithfully.

So, this is how my thought processes have gone over the past few weeks.

Prepared to be amazed!


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Started out just sitting on the bike for an hour, cruising and watching some tv.

It was like being at home but with cable.

Then I added some strength machine in there.

Mostly the ab machine being as that is my problem area.

Oh, but wait! What’s that I am seeing.

Are my arms starting the jiggle.

Oh, no, can’t have that.

Let’s throw in some arm exercises.

Hm, my legs are in pretty good shape but I’ll try out the leg presses.

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Ok, so my legs are not in as good a shape as I think.

And yeah, now I remember that I wanted to work on my booty.

Lets go gluts!!

What’s that, my friend?

Zumba sounds like fun.

Ok, let’s Zumba!

Zumba demo

Zumba demo (Photo credit: ah zut)

Ooo, what’s this FitQuest and ActivTrax thingy that everyone else has?

Is that better than just randomly going from machine to machine?

It is…

Well, sign me up!

Hm, what kind of body do I want?

What is my ultimate goal?

Well, if I can’t have a big booty and big ol’ boobies then I’ll shoot for toned and muscled.

Gorgeous abs.

Muscular arms.

High, firm booty and boobies.

Somewhere in between skinny chick and body builder would be just fine.

Not this body.

Vegetarian Bodybuilder Andreas Cahling Photo! ...

Vegetarian Bodybuilder Andreas Cahling Photo! – Vegan Times Healthy Food Recipes – No Paleo Malnutrition No Crossfit Failure No Meat Cancer Baby Risk (Photo credit: vegetarians-dominate-meat-eaters-01)

This body!

Muscle Beach Swimsuits July 4th

Muscle Beach Swimsuits July 4th (Photo credit: planetc1)

But my overall goal is to go into my 40s (July 11, 2014) with a better body than even the one that I had in my 20s.
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