It is so much better to be the godmother than the mother

Goddaughter RubyHappy Birthday to my God-daughter Ruby!God daughter Ruby in stroller

I’ve only known you 10 out of 12 months of your life but, trust me, they have been memorable ones as your godparent.

From your refusal to take a nap to watching your first step, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it for the world.

But you sure do remind me why I don’t want anymore children.

So here are my top reasons why I rather be a godmother than a mother any day.

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1. The travelling. Getting in/out of a car with you takes 3 times as long. From making sure that everything that you will need is in your diaper bag to trying to figure out how the car seat goes in.

2.  The smells. Everybody is always talking about how good baby smells. And you do…up until you load up that diaper. Man, oh, man…how can something so small smell that bad. I think I may have it worse because I breastfed all of mine so I am not at all use to the smell.

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Goddaughter Ruby3. The cost. Clothes. Shoes (that you wouldn’t keep on your feet). Beds for you to sleep in (that you keep outgrowing). Toys (when you are just as happy crunching my empty water botGodbaby sleepingtle). Strollers. Car seats. Bottles. Diapers!!! The mountains and mountains of diapers. Somewhere out there is Ruby Hill and it is made entirely of your diapers!!!! Boy, am I ever so glad that none of this is coming out of my pocket.

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4. The time. Doctors appointments. Wic appointments. Visits to grandmas house to see the new baby.

5. The worry.  There is no greater worrier than a mama and though as the godmother, I have to commiserate, the actual worrying is not in my job description.

The best part of being godmother is that I get all the benefits of being a grandma without having to be all old and stuff.

Godmama for the win!!

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