Is Social Networking Ruining Hollywood?


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I am somewhat a fan of the show TMZ.

The other day someone, I believe it was Harvey, said that social networking is ruining Hollywood.

I disagree.

Social networking is ruining the mystique of Hollywood.


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It turns celebrities from two-dimensional entities into three-dimensional ones.


Which is only fair, considering that television reporting changed the former one dimensional actor into a two-dimensional one in the first place.

Back in the beginning of television and movie fame, the only thing that one would know about the celebrity was the character that was portrayed on the screen.

Then the news outlets began taking an interest in celebrity lives to sale newspapers.

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The world was filled with news on the glamorous life the celebrity lived. Basically, which party or premier they were attending.

Now, enter the world of social media, where you can know what a celebrity ate for breakfast and practically what it looked like when it came back out.

TMI? Yep! Lol.

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But, that’s the nature of the beast.

And the beautiful thing is that now celebrities can fire back (sometimes not a good thing, eh, Chris Brown) or set the record straight.

So, who do you agree with? TMZ or me? And do you think the change is a good or bad thing?

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