I’m gonna do 101 things in 1001 days!!!

I just became aware of the 101 things in 1001 days challenge on NaBloPoMo and, I must say, I am intrigued.

I wonder if I can even come up with a list of 101 things no less complete them…

Y’all know that I am a celebrated procrastinator.

  1. Create a list of 101 things
  2. Put the list on a blog post
  3. Feature the post
  4. Post on the NaBloPoMo site that I have created a list
  5. Dedicate 30 minutes per day commenting on other blogs
  6. Learn how to really use Headspace
  7. Clean the crate in my daughter’s room
  8. Clean the closet under the stairs
  9. Empty the crate in the back room
  10. Purchase a new laptop
  11. Purchase a new desktop
  12. Purchase a new smartphone
  13. Purchase a tablet
  14. Create a Facebook Fan Page for each of my blogs
  15. Create a dedicated Twitter account for each of my blogs
  16. Get all a of my blogs an Alexa score bleow 500k
  17. Get all of my blogs a Pagerank of 2
  18. Create a Youtube channel for each blog
  19. Rent a 4 bedroom house
  20. Call my sister once per month
  21. Call my father once per month
  22. Give God five minutes of my day every day
  23. Paint all of the furniture one color
  24. Put the liner in the drawers and cabinets
  25. Wash all the windows and blinds
  26. Scrub the oven
  27. Purchase a new multipurpose printer
  28. Organize shoes
  29. Purchase new car
  30. Get a Shellac manicure/pedicure
  31. Grow my hair to my shoulders
  32. Design my daughter’s blog
  33. Design MySpoiledSelf.com
  34. Start food stamp beauty blog
  35. Forward thegoodbuy.net to myspoiledself.com
  36. Go to the movies once a month
  37. Join YMCA
  38. Compare/contrast income from ProjectWonderful vs Google Adsense
  39. Read one book on blogging, seo, etc per month
  40. Remove IntenseDebate from my blogs since it is no longer compatible with CommentLuv
  41. Clean out each blog’s comment box
  42. Complete the About page of each blog
  43. Purchase a new camera
  44. Purchase a new tripod
  45. Figure out how to more effectively use MailChimp
  46. Learn how to really use the Keyword Statistics plugin
  47. Spend more time on social networking sites especially Facebook and Google Plus
  48. Save $1001
  49. Learn how to make tutorial videos
  50. Learn how to use Photoshop
  51. Go on one date per month
  52. Set up a budget and revisit it monthly
  53. Purchase another Wii and Wii Fit board
  54. Use on of my exercise dvds at least once per month
  55. Drink a glass of water everyday
  56. Get breast measured for correct bra size
  57. Have very first mammogram
  58. Go to at least one blog conference
  59. Get back into selling Avon
  60. Go out to dinner once per month
  61. Watch one classic movie or read on classic book per month
  62. Find out if my high school is having a 20th reunion
  63. Read 10 books/ebooks of authors that I have never heard of before
  64. Shop on Black Friday for the very first time
  65. Have a spa day
  66. Buy one lottery ticket per month
  67. Start couponing
  68. Read a book starting with each letter of the alphabet
  69. Watch a new movie starting with each letter of the alphabet
  70. Give a donation to someone in need
  71. Have a professional photo shoot
  72. Find a pen pal for handwritten letters
  73. Visit 10 restaurants that I have never been to before
  74. Take a Zumba class
  75. Open a business p.o. box
  76. Open a business bank account
  77. Incorporate
  78. Post more items on this list. Geesh.
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As you can see, I rambled all over the place with my goals.

Everything from personal stuff to blogging stuff.

My date to have all of this finished is July 26, 2014.

Right now, though I am off to peek at others peoples’ list to see what ideas I can steal borrow.




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