If Obama could do one thing to guarantee your vote, what would it be?

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It is almost that time again.

Time to head off to the voting poles to vote for the President of the United States for the next four years.

To look back and question that actions of President Obama and decide if you feel that he should rule the free world for another term.

If Barack Obama could do just one thing, anything, and it it would 100% guarantee that you would vote for him, what would it be?

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For me, he could tackle the child support enforcement policy.

Make it a federal crime (instead of state) to not pay your child support.

By simply crossing state lines, many men and women have been able to completely avoid their parental financial obligations.

In addition, the calculation of child support needs to be updated. It should only be a reflection of the payee parents ability to pay (or the federal minimum amount required). The custodial parents income should have no baring on chidsupport order.

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Speaking of minimum amount of child support that should be received from the noncustodial parent. Yeah, that should be raised.

Just to use round numbers, let us say that the federal government decides that it takes a minimum of $1000/month to raise a child.

The noncustodial parent should be responsible to pay $500/month.

Then you ask, “what if I can’t afford $500/month?”.

I have an easy solution to that as well.

You see, child support would no longer be paid to the custodial parent from the noncustodial parent.

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Instead, the government would pay the custodial parent the $500 and the noncustodial parent would pay back the federal government based on his or her ability to pay.

Easy right?

So, yeah, Mr. President, if you want to guarantee at least one vote, tackle child support enforcement laws.

What would President Barack Obama have to do to guarantee your vote?



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4 comments to If Obama could do one thing to guarantee your vote, what would it be?

  • For me there are so many things that need to be fixed or addressed, the one that would win my vote would be for him to absolve the pay and benefits that Senators and Representatives receive. A small stipend for their service, the rest is unconstitutional.
    My recent post Why I Homeschool!


    • Queen Katrina

      I always thought that they should be paid for performance. If our economy tanks, so does their pay. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a job where you could just vote yourself a pay increase!


  • he's already got my vote. Any republican running against him (and if they win) will come into office and start undoing everything Obama's worked for. There are some things I do wish he would focus on, but I'm already gonna vote for him. I like the $1000 child support idea… $250 is not enough. Especially when you don't get it every month.
    Senaah recently posted…CPS false reporting bill – OregonMy Profile


    • Queen Katrina

      I hear you on not getting the child support. I was fine getting $400 month and now I get zilch even though I know he is working. Why? Because he moved out of state making it more difficult for my local child support agency to hunt him down.


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