Today is Thursday…my personal day of giving back.

Every Thursday morning, I give up my precious blogging (or just kid free) time to hand out food from a food bank located at a local church.

And, every Thursday evening, I go to the fellowship meal at a separate church to see if they have enough volunteers to serve the hot meal, hand out USDA, or, at the very least, perform clean-up detail.

My life is too blessed to be stressed and I like to keep it that way.

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I was doing this even before President Obama made his worthy speech that all should give back.

I give for giving’s sake, no matter what (good or bad) is going on in my life.

I do it with a willing heart and a smiling face.

And I want everyone to think of a way that they can also give back today.

Because I said so!

And I’m the QUEEN

~Ms. Katrina

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