I want to spend Infinity with Nick

Infinity: The Chronicles of NickI want to live in Infinity, if only for awhile.

Ok so, at the rate that I read my Sherrilyn Kenyon books, a day….

Alas, I realize that I will not be there alone.

Yes, I know, Nick will be there too.

But I am also referring to the scads of faithful DarkHunter readers who have long awaited the release of the New York Times  bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Infinity, The Chronicles of Nick, which comes out today.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, The Chronicles of Nick are the spin-off of the ever popular, and oh-so-delicious, tales of Acheron and his band of not-so-merry Dark Hunters.

If you want to cry and rant and scream and sigh, go immediately and read Acheron (I dare you not to want to get a piece of that man!).

(If you do decide to skip ahead to read the ultimate culmination in the book Acheron, may I be so bold as to recommend getting yourself a copy of The Dark-Hunter Companion. Its Dark-Hunter 101 as Sherrilyn calls it. I say it is Dark-Hunter for Dummies as I definitely find out some things that even I missed although I’ve read each book a kazillion times!)

But if you want to begin with the book that started my obsession and begins the series, you should definitely start with Fantasy Lover (delicious in his own right).

If you just want a taste, Sherrilyn has been kind enough to put a few freebies on her website, Year Of Acheron.

Either way, I’m tellling you, prepare to become an addicted zombies. (Um…do the Dark Hunters hunt the zombies too. Uh oh, I may be in some trouble here…but to get a gander at Ash, it would be sooooo worth it!)

Anywho, more about Nick.

We are introduced to Nick Gautier throghout the Dark Hunter series as a snarky Squire, who are assistants and all around gophers for the Dark Hunters.

Alas, if only Nick had none that his bestie had a daughter, Simi,  maybe he wouldn’t have initiated her into the realms of womanhood, if you catch my drift.

Yet, the beauty of the writing of Sherrilyn is that she starts the story at the beginning, not where it left off, and this book proves to be no exception. She takes us back to Nick’s teenage years and brings us forward with her usual aplomb.

The Chronicles of Nick *is* Nick’s real and true past. There is a huge surprise (several actually) in the book that I don’t want to spoil, but when you read the book, everything you think is an inconsistency will make perfect sense to you. More than that, you will understand exactly why Nick is the way he is and why he continues to hate Acheron the way he does. But you have to be patient. All will be clear on May 25, 2010.

Cover of

Cover of Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, Book 2)

Nick’s series will run until it intersects with Night Pleasures and then Nick will have his own novel in the Dark-Hunter world.

Book one, Infinity, begins when Nick meets Kyrian.
Book two will pick up the next day after Infinity ends and will be out Feb 2011.

Remember the one promise that I try to keep in every book: Just when you think you know the truth about a character or event, you find out that things are seldom what they seem. Nick is one of those characters. There’s a lot more to our little Cajun than what you’ve seen to date. That’s why it takes 12 books to tell his story.

There are many, many secrets you’ll learn about a lot of characters, including Cherise and especially Jaden and Jared. Just hold on… you ain’t seen nothing yet 🙂

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