I want my Daily Buzz, CW FAIL!!!

The Daily Buzz

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For years now, I have had one daily morning habit.

No not coffee.

Never touch the stuff.

Using the laboratory.

Nah, that occurs a little later.

My daily habit of choice was tuning my television to channel 27 and watching The Daily Buzz.

Yet, last week, when I changed the channel at 6 am sharp, there was no Daily Buzz.

Nor was it there the next day.

Or the day after that.

Fussing and fuming, my middle child informs that word on Facebook is that the show is being moved to channel Fox 43 because the CW has dropped it.

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Not there yet but I did comfirm via Mitch English that the move in eminent.

The Daily Buzz

Image by tedmurphy via Flickr


Huge fail, CW.

If I wanted to watch my local broadcasters, I have my choice of CBS, NBC, or ABC.

I watched the CW for the Daily Buzz because the news was so light hearted.

I realized this morning why…

It is like watching a radio newscaster.

Cracking jokes keeps me interested, laughing, and, most importantly, watching.

Promos of murder and mayhem make me scared to go outside in broad daylight.

I don’t care what channel it is on, I just want my daily dose of The Daily Buzz!!

Mitch…Kia…Andrea…Where are you??

Oh, yeah, you too, Andy….I guess….Lol.

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