I took the weekend off

How taking a weekend of from technology did not cause the world to implode

For the first time in a good long while, I took the weekend off.

Blame it on being tired from working 12 – 16 hour days working on my blogs…

Or just blame it on the fact that it is that time of the month…

But I just wasn’t feeling even turning on my computer this weekend.

On Saturday was sign my daughter up for Upward Bound at ODU.

And Sunday consisted of about 30 minutes at the grocery.

But other than doing my daily Swagbucks, Bing, Superpoints, and PaidViewpoint, the only computer that I turned on was my Amazon Kindle.

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And I read my romance novels without once typing a single word of review.

And, you know what readers, it felt good.

The world didn’t come to an end.

My blog’s didn’t self-destruct in my absense.

Heck, one of the kids (probably not the girl, lazy heffa) took out the trash with nary a nag from me.

I got some much needed rest and a re-surge of energy to keeping pushing….

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