I Stand Between My Kids and Trouble

Y’all are just gonna have to forgive any grammatical or typographical errors in this post.

Robbery not allowed

Robbery not allowed (Photo credit: Arenamontanus)

I am just so steamed up that my mind is going faster than my fingers can type.

I do not live in the the best neighborhood to begin with.

Yet, I have lived here 10 years ad had nary a bit of trouble.

That is, until this summer.

It started out with my friend’s two daughters being jumped.

And by a group of girls, of only one that lives in the neighborhood.

And eventhough my friend called the police from this girl’s residence, the police have yet to do nothing…nada…bubkiss..

And then my teen son walked to see his girlfriend and got mugged!!!

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I had never even heard of anyone getting mugged in this neighborhood before.

(And I think that he got mugged twice but just does not want to say anything because I tend to “over-react”.)

To add insult on top of injury, my kids were walking to the Child Life program on Saturday and they said that they were being followed by two grown men.


I am not a fighter but if I catch anyone bothering my kids, somebody is is getting a butt whopping.

And you can call this premeditated all that you want.

I call it a mother f@cking warning!!!

I stand between my kids and trouble.

It is my God given duty to protect the offspring that the Lord has given me.

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Til death…if necessary….

Even though my lease is not up yet, I have already started trolling for a new place to live.

A quiet street in a quiet neighborhood.

I even gave my landlord heads up yesterday so he can either find me something or kiss my derriere good bye.

My kids are good kids.

No trouble.

Excellent grades.

God loving.

My friend’s kids are also good kids.

I think that they are going after the good kids for some reason.

Maybe they are trying to swell the ranks of the neighborhood “gang”.

I don’t know.

This is just mere speculation on my part.

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All I know is that John Law needs to step in now before it becomes som

ething more serious and hard to put down.

Funny thing is, my neighborhood is smack dab in the middle of two affluent neighborhoods so why wouldn’t they want to stop the trouble now before it travels across those invisible borders.

Meanwhile, I am doing two things.

I am rebuking and cancelling the plans of the devil on the life of my kids.

And I am preparing to haul butt to a safer neighborhood.









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