I missed National Topless Day?!?!

Josephine Baker

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Oh, pooh….

Sunday, August 21st was National Topless Day and I missed it.

Its not what you think.

It is actually a peeve that is near and dear to my heart.

“With the slogan, ‘Topless equal rights for all or none,’ GoTopless.org is summoning men across America to cover their chests on Aug. 21 in the name of equal rights. On that day, for the fourth consecutive year, the U.S.-based organization will stage a national Go Topless Day protest to proclaim a woman’s constitutional right to go bare-chested in public. During the protest, while participating women go bare, male participants will cover their chests with bikini tops or bras to proclaim equal rights for both genders … Either we can all be topless or no one can.”

I’ve actually felt this way since my earliest child hood while I was sweating away in my the skimpiest top my parents would let me get away with while my lucky brother got to pretty much drop t-shirt whenever he was feeling the heat.

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Boo! Hiss!

In high school, people often smirked at my stance that either everyone should be able to go topless…or no one should.

I found the argument that boy’s are distracted by boobs more than girls by chest completely bogus.

True Blood

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Have you seen Alcide from True Blood?!?

If that is not distracting, I don’t know what is…

And, how about we go the other way and talk about the D-cup boobed men who always seem to want to drop trough as soon as the sun comes up.


This summer has reached record breaking heights of heat and I, at my ripe ol’ age of 37, sure wouldn’t have minded taking off my top.

I was practically nekkid anyone that way that itty bitty shirt clung to my skin.


I want miss National Topless Day next year, that’s for sure.

In fact, anyone got a tshirt!

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