I hate the suffix -ette

The phrase, “I hate the suffix -ette” started another Great Debate in my house.

Sub-category, Stupid Arguments That I have with my Kids”.

I don’t even remember what we were watching but some fool added the suffix -ette to a perfectly good word.

Like fingernails on a chalkboard to my equalist ears.

Why, oh, why does something have to be an -ette to denote a female.


Isn’t a drummete a chicken wing of some sort?


Anyway, the debate actually started with Baby Girl this time (usually it is Mr. Smartypants) because I said that -ette means little.

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She, armed to the teeth with her 7th grade education, said that -ette means woman.

Being as we were too lazy to actually grab a dictionary (or even google it, for goodness sake), the argument continued on until Mr. SmartyPants got involved….two days later.

Yes, we are just that pathetic.

Don’t judge us.

Anywho, since I was already on dictionary.com desperately trying to think of a new domain name for MoneyTrina.com (another day of failure along that front ~sigh~), I decided to look up the suffix -ette.

< French,  feminine of -et -et

Usage note
English nouns in which the suffix -ette  designates a feminine role or identity have been perceived by many people as implying inferiority or insignificance: bachelorette; drum majorette; farmerette; suffragette; usherette.  Of these terms, only drum majorette —or sometimes just majorette —is still widely used, usually applied to one of a group of young women who perform baton twirling with a marching band. A woman or man who actually leads a band is a drum major. Baton twirler  is often used instead of ( drum ) majorette. Farmer, suffragist,  and usher  are applied to both men and women, thus avoiding any trivializing effect of the -ette  ending. See also -enne, -ess, -trix.

So, you see, I was right…again!

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It is a diminishing word for females.

By applying -ette, you are saying that the female version is at least a click below the male version.

I win….I win….



Mommy’s Ultra-Cool I Win Gloating Dance

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