I Bring You Traffic Week of October 4 – 10, 2015

Welcome to the 2nd I Bring You Traffic Blog Party.

Despite a few bumps along the way, last week’s party was a success.

Not including my 3 entries, we had 7 entries from 2 bloggers who garnered 72 clicks altogether.

The blog with the most clicks (13)  was Susie’s Reviews and Giveaway’s post Cucumber Turkey Mini-Sandwiches Recipe Featuring Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey!

This weekly blog linkup is open to submission from now till midnight Sunday.

I bring you traffic blog hop party

How do I bring you traffic?

I bring you traffic by the usual social media means. I tweet on Twitter. Share on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, and pin on Pinterest.

Not only do I share this blog hop but I promote all of the blogs that enter on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

In addition, I include this linkup at the bottom of every post in the My Blogging Life category with a call to action for them to visit a blog in the linky.

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I also direct my click through groups to click on any post on the linky.

The linky is set to randomly rotate the entries so all entries have a equal chance of being clicked.

So, it is up to you to have an attention grabbing image and title to encourage them to click on your image.

And you’ll need an attention grabbing headline and compelling content to keep them there.

Follow your host

MsCrookedHalo: Personal lifestyle blogger

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VoucherList.org: Connecting families with a Section 8 voucher with landlords who accept them

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SingedWings: Romanctic and erotic books, entertainment, and products

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Amablogger: No guru here. Simply “how to” blog posts

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Featured Guest

Our featured guest this week is Susie’s Reviews and Giveaways for her submission of the post Win Hydrofeet® Insoles In The Back To School Giveaway Blog Hop  in our August 2015 link-up.

While the giveaway may be closed, there are some really interesting post in the blog hop for you to visit.

Follow Susie Q on:

Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Google Plus // Pinterest

To be featured as a guest:

  • Enter your family friendly post in linkup
  • Tweet the message in Click to Tweet
  • Pin the image
  • Share this post on Facebook
  • Leave a comment letting me know that you’ve done all 3 and the blog that you want promoted
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Rules of the I Bring You Traffic blog hop:

  1. Family friendly post or image only
  2. Limit of 4 posts per domain/email
  3. Click on a post for every post that you leave (I can see if you drop and run!)
  4. You are giving permission to be added to the link-up mailing list, to be featured, and to have your website promoted on social media
  5. Promote this linkup to bring us all additional traffic (optional).

Bloggers, we work as a team to keep the circle rolling.

My bringing you traffic, brings me traffic, which brings traffic to another blog, who brings me traffic, and then your blog gets traffic.

I am being deliberately transparent in the fact that I expect to benefit from this as well.

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