I am Bloggernized.

Woah, I just counted how many blogs that I actually have.



No wonder some of them have been woefully neglected!

Time to get bloggernized (blog organized).

I’m so proud of me.

Because I’m the Queen of Procrastination, I’ve been putting this off all week.

But I hit it first thing this morning.

(We’ll see how long I stick to it. Lol.)

On even days, I work on KatrinaBlogs.com

On odd days, QueenKatrina.com

Sunday is KatrinaTithes.com (of course)

Monday is NaturallyKatrina.com

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Wednesday is MishandMash.com (which I want to find a new “katrina” name. any suggestions?)

Thursday is MoneyTrina.com

Friday is CourtingKatrina.com

Saturday is IfKatrinaCanCookIt.com


Seems like a lot, huh?

But blogging is actually fun for me so often whole days go by without me noticing it.

I’ve pretty much decided to use the Atahualpa theme on most, if not all, of my blogs so after I get nice headers, buttons, and banners designed, the blogs will mostly be content and seo.

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Learn SEO….another thing to add to the list….


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