I almost got my head on straight

I am super excited that I almost have my header looking the way that I want it.

Considering I don’t speak any html website coding, this has been quite a struggle for me.

Eventually, I’ll probably have to pay someone who knows what they’re doing but it is adequate for my current financial blogging state.

I also added a plugin that the bottom of my sidebar static which means that it follows you as you scroll down the page.

Speaking of page, I added an advertise page with an initial offering for as low as $0.50/month.

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As my blogging influence increases so will the cost of advertising on this website.

That’s only natural, right.

For the past two days, I have been totally slacking on keeping track of what I do all day so my times are all over the place.

I am just going to write them in a stream of consciousness type of way.

Ie, as they pop into my head.

I do know that I spent several hours reading up on blogging tactics.

I also read other articles on Adsense and adblock.

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I finished all of my FB group works in just a few hours because it is usually slower on weekends.

So far, I’ve written 2 posts on here and finished 1 post on my eBook blog.

I also got paid for my referral actually using Ibotta!


I spent about an hour and a half on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.

I added pages to my header which also involved inputting which pages not to show.

I decided to put these posts under Living and Loving category and leave the category Blogging to actual blogging interest type posts.

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Which means I’ll have to go back and update all the older posts. ~sigh~

I have already done my Paidviewpoint surveys and right now I’m doing Superpoints.

Bing and Swagbucks are up next.

And then, finally, it will be bed time.

One of these days, these post are going to be about me having a life…one of these days…..

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