This video has a special place in my heart as my New Year’s Resolution 2010 was to transition to my natural hair.

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Before then, I was the Queen of the Perm.

Blacks are often pressured to perm and grow, basically, the white girl look.

But these days, when you look in even the classiest of magazines, you see the models rocking their real hair.


And I especially love all of the variety in hairstyles that she rocks!

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There have been times when I got so frustrated that I start to hop on over to Walmart for a Dr. Miracle perm.

Yet, their are so many styles that I can rock once the perm has completely grown out that I am determined to at least hang in there until 2011.

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  • Kelly H

    Thats what I love about Sesame Street-it shows such diversity and teaches everyone to accept themselves and each other, my kids are too old to watch it now, but every once and again we will be flipping channels and stop to watch an episode.


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