Hunkering Down For Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene off the coast of South Carolin...

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I am in the path of Hurricane Irene and yesterday I began the process of hunkering down.

When I walked into the Dollar Tree, the cashier automatically let me know that there was no water, no flashlights, no candles, and no D batteries.


So, I got some containers to fill with sink water and some snacks to tid the kids over in case we lose electricity.

I also got some wipes and shower powder in case the water goes out as well.

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When I got home, I fried some chicken as well as threw some chicken in the crockpot.

My friend brought me a radio and two flashlights so off I went on the hunt for D batteries.

I struck gold at Walgreens but, oh my, $8 for 8 batteries!!!

The storms moving a bit slower so it hasn’t hit Norfolk yet, probably sometime this afternoon.

Just a few drops of rain and some wind.

But when it does, we’re ready, Praise God!

I just hope it doesn’t flood my apartment….we’re on the first floor.

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