How would you convince me to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Hey, Clinton supporters! Come convince me why I should vote for Hillary for President in 2016.

In case you are new here, I am a low-income, black woman.

Just to be transparent, although I classify myself as Independent, I typically vote Democrat.

This year is turning out to be no exception as I am leaning at least 60% towards casting my vote for Hillary Clinton.

Can you convince me to vote for Hillary Clinton?

I was going to write this post yesterday but I decided to wait until after the Presidential Debate.

I am looking for some commentators who are strongly in the Democratic campaign to put forth their best efforts to move me towards voting Hilary Clinton.

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I spend a lot of time reading news on both candidates and most articles are clearly written with a bias towards or against a candidate.

And the comments are even worse! I can’t even hear their points of arguments because the quickly degrade down to trolling and name calling.

To keep that from happening here, I am going to institute a few rules to get your comment approved.

  1. No name calling. Not of the candidates. Not of each other. Talk to each other with respect or don’t bother commenting at all. You know, like grown folks.
  2. Because Donald Trump did this or said that are not sufficient comments. Why is Hillary Rodham Clinton an excellent candidate for President is what I look forward to reading. Not really interested in hearing why Donald Trump will suck as POTUS. (Don’t worry, there is also a Convince me to vote for Donald Trump post.) I wonder how many readers will struggle with this rule. Lol.
  3. I reserve the right to add more rules as the comments come in.
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P.S. I tried to keep this post as impartial as possible. Let me know if any phrasing feels slanted. Thanks!

So, let’s hear it! Convince me that the Democrats are right, and it should be Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

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