Her dying breathe made public?!?!

I just signed a petition to get the the tragic death of a teenage girl off of the internet and airways.


Because, God forbid, I should outlive any of my children, I would not want to confronted with his or her dying breathe online or anywhere else.

On Februaury 4, a 17 year old girl from the Rockford area runs off the road and crashes her car into a pond in Ottoville, Ohio. She was able to make a 911 call before her car filled with water and she drowned. In less than a week, her 911 call can be found very easily online through local news websites. Her family is very upset about this, especially since it is still so fresh. This petition asks to remove any and all 911 calls available to the public.


My heart and prayers go out to the family, friends, and other loved ones of anyone who has lost someone so unexpectantly and especially so heart breakingly tragically.

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If you feel that 911 calls should not be for public comsumption, please sign the petition on Change.org.

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