Have you ever had to battle a disease while pregnant?

Pregnancy in the 26th week.

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I wrote down this topic awhile ago when I came across a blog written by a woman battling cancer while pregnant. My failure was in writting down the url of the blog to give her credit for her valiant struggle.

I was so moved because I basically sailed through all three of my pregnancies. The only problems that I had where at the end with pregnancy induced hypertension causing the doctors to induce labor a month early with my first child. With my second child, I had a dry womb despite the fact that I was drinking like a fish and thus labor was once again induced albeit only a few days shy of full gesticulation. No problems at all with baby girl.

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So, it is with a heavy heart that I comtemplated this ladie’s double struggle of beating a heartless disease while bringing a new life into this world.

She is definitely in my prayers as are all women like her.

Did you have a difficult pregnancy or did you basically sail through, all things considered?

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2 comments to Have you ever had to battle a disease while pregnant?

  • Your post got my attention since my wife is also undergoing a great struggle. She is currently on her 12th week of pregnancy and she's currently struggling with a thrombosis (blood clot) on the nerves around her liver. She has a rare disease called antithrombin deficiency and her blood tends to get thick so she has to take Coumadin everyday (for life) and while she's pregnant, she has to inject herself with Clexane. During pregnancy, her risk of her having blood clot is almost 60% and right now she's struggling with pain on her abdomen area. She just got out of the hospital for 4 days. We're just glad that the baby is strong.

    This would be our second baby. After she gave birth to our first baby she had PE or pulmonary embolism. PE happens when there is blockage on the lung nerves. To describe her feeling, it's like tip-toeing on a swimming pool with above the head water. We are having a hard time but I know we can make it and we'll do fine in the end, all in God's mercy. Salute to all the mothers out there.
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    • Queen Katrina

      Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes it is hard to see the WHY of God and just walk on faith. She and other mothers are in my prayers.


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