Grave Sexapades

Guess I must have sex on my mind! Lol.

Found on the

A couple engaged in sexual activity in a graveyard in broad daylight in full view of pupils and staff at a top grammar school.

Andrew Donaldson, 41, and Karen Waters, 43, were arrested after they had an intimate, alcohol-fuelled encounter as shocked pupils, teachers and parents looked on wide-eyed.

After his arrest, Donaldson hit out at the ‘Stepford’ town for reporting their saucy antics to police, which led to charges of outraging public decency.

Andrew Donaldson, 41, and Karen Waters, 43, were arrested after they had an intimate, alcohol-fuelled sexual encounter in broad daylight in a graveyard next to a school.

One young witness said he had seen a naked bottom ‘going up and down’.

They were arrested after staff at posh Reigate Grammar School, in Surrey – whose past pupils include Little Britain’s David Walliams – rang 999 when alerted by astonished children staring out of the windows on the sunny afternoon.

The couple, who claimed they had been sunbathing, admitted to having ‘a kiss and a cuddle’ but denied their antics had gone any further.

They were found guilty of outraging public decency by jury following a three-day trial last month – but today walked free from court.

During a police interview, Donaldson said he and Waters hated Britain because it was ‘xenophobic’.

Referring to Reigate, he said: ‘God, this is bloody Stepford, this town.

‘Surely public displays of affection aren’t illegal.’

He went on: ‘I know they want them all mowing their grass at the same time, turning round at the same time, washing their cars at the same time, to pay their poll tax and being happy little citizens.’

The couple had been living in the Surrey commuter town at the time of the incident, on April 22 last year.

Police were called by two teachers at the school after separate groups of pupils were alerted to the goings-on in St Mary’s Church cemetery.

Former pupils from the school include comedian David Walliams, survival expert Ray Mears and Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer.

Police arrived and found Donaldson in nothing more than a pair of boxer shorts, while Waters was dressed.

Donaldson also had his boxer shorts button undone, which ‘exposed’ his penis, arresting officer Pc Andrew Simms said.

Officers helped him into his jeans before taking him to the cells.

Both defendants, now living in Oxford, insisted they had been sunbathing and had had two or three beers.

Waters said she often sunbathed there and her partner had joined her as he was off work on that day.

A jury of eight women and four men at Guildford Crown Court cleared both defendants of one count, involving having sex, but they convicted them both on the charge of engaging in sexual activity in the graveyard.

I wonder how the cops felt about having to “help” him into his jeans! RFLMAO.

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It is also interesting to note how the word “Stepford” is now international!

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